We regret to inform you that SnapEx has now officially ceased operations. Any users who were not able to complete their withdrawals by the 28th of February 2021 from their respective accounts are hereby given an additional 7-day extension period to do so. 

Withdrawal policy

  • Withdrawal process: Must be performed through the official withdrawal form only 

  • Withdrawal request period: 1st March 2021 until 7th March 2021 only

  • Minimum withdrawal limit: 20 USDT

  • Withdrawals will only support TRC20 USDT transfers

Please note that SnapEx will proceed with the final withdrawals through Trust Wallet for Binance before 12th March 2021. Binance may place its own transaction fees on the withdrawals, in which case the user must shoulder the payment themselves.

For inquiries or any urgent concerns, send us a message at support@snapex.com.

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